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 I had a conversation yesterday with Cass Phillipps, the founder and executive producer of FailCon. FailCon is a conference that focuses on failure and what we learn from it. We were musing on the many euphemisms people use in lieu of just saying “failure.”  

Experiment. Pivot. Learning. Disproved hypothesis.

These words are fine, but so is Failure. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just talk about it directly, instead of tip-toeing around it as if it were toxic? There is a Buddhist saying: “No mud, no lotus.” A business corollary might be, “No failure, no learning; no learning, no growth.”

I’m writing a book on Conversations for Growth, and one of the conversations will focus on Resilience. That is, how do we bounce back when something fails? Here’s my map for that conversation, in the form of a makeover:


What do you think? Can you imagine having the conversation on the right within your growth team? (If not, please tell me now, so I can put something better in the book!)


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