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As a busy consultant balancing the many demands of innovation, I am always curious to discover the tools others are using to be productive in their work. With so many applications available, I often wonder what others are using to brainstorm ideas or create prototypes. Below are some of the applications I am currently testing in my daily work.

I recently started using this popular mind mapping app to help me visualize my ideas. It is a great way to not only visually display how your ideas relate to each other easily but to also discover where there might be overlaps. I find it helpful when I need to quickly organize my information in a digestible manner. When I have to do a quick brainstorm, I open this app, set a timer on my phone, and type away.

Adobe Voice
This app by Adobe was exclusively released for the iPad and gives users a simple way to create stories via animated videos. I foresee this being particular helpful for our team when we conduct interviews, co-create, or even prototype. Check out this inspiring video about the new Voice tool.

Prototyping on Paper (POP)
About two years ago, a friend at an education hackathon introduced me to this helpful tool. To get started with POP, you first draw the different interfaces and screens of your app on a piece of paper and then take snapshots on your phone. The images are then uploaded to POP, which will allow you to simulate the app on your phone. This is a neat way to quickly build your prototype to then test and co-create with your end users.

Sharpies + Post-Its
A Peer Insight favorite and a classic! As you can probably tell from our website — and especially if you’ve attended one of our workshops — our team loves sharpies and post-its. Some of us even carry them in our everyday bags! You never know when you have that sudden spark of creativity and need to quickly jot down your ideas.

What apps/tools do you use? Leave your comments below!

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