Reimagining a Heart Care System


A global leader in medical devices partnered with Peer Insight to re-imagine a heart-care service that could build on their existing technological platform to deliver more responsive patient care.

The service would have to improve clinician workflow and serve both providers and patients.


Prioritized design criteria for the development team, a well-defined target market, and a go-to-market strategy for the service.

The service is currently undergoing clinical trials.

The Problem

All heart-care physicians want to help their patients develop or maintain healthy, active lifestyles. That often involves monitoring patients’ medical devices and health conditions. However, this can be difficult for physicians and patients in rural settings.

With a promising platform already in place, the medical devices company wanted to explore how it might solve this challenge by reimagining a heart care system. The team envisioned a new service that could offer physicians and rural heart-care patients a more responsive solution.


The Approach

During the 14-week collaboration with Peer Insight, we:

  1. Measured the service’s desirability and feasibility with heart-care clinicians
  2. Identified the service’s likely early adopters
  3. Built a beginning business case for the offering by understanding key decision-makers and influencers

To achieve the project objectives, Peer Insight created heart-care service storyboards to serve as prototypes. Then, we co-created and refined the service options with providers at private practices, large hospital systems, and a professional conference.

This involved observing and recording clinician workflows and intercepting nurses and receptionists to gain their feedback.

We also interviewed Hospital Administrators, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Medical Officers to understand their processes for purchasing such an offering.


The Impact

By conducting co-creation sessions with more than 50 clinicians and decision-makers in 13 different locations, Peer Insight helped  prioritize what to make, who to target, and how to bring a new service to market.

The project de-risked a multi-million dollar investment in a healthcare device system. Given the minimum investment required to bring a new offering to bear in their industry,  our client was able to validate what clinicians would find helpful and useful by using low-fidelity prototypes.

They were also able to specify what data to capture, how clinicians would use it, and what they would need to deliver the service.