Jimmy Pappadeas | Design Strategist

Jimmy likes to think of himself as a both a determined problem solver and a catalyst for change. His education started in business with a concentration in Operations Management and Information Systems from the University of Maryland. Jimmy was first exposed to human-centered design principles while learning about asset-based community development in South Africa, emphasizing careful research and sustainable solutions driven by the experiences of individuals. From there, he sharpened his business acumen working as a public sector management consultant, facilitating project activities and providing recommendations to help federal agencies achieve their program objectives.

The field of design research ultimately called to him because the tools and methods felt like natural ways to introduce structure and rigor into the creative process to uncover opportunities and develop solutions. Jimmy is comfortable acknowledging he doesn’t come to the table with all the right answers, but trusts his curiosity to learn from others to identify the way forward. He gets energy from every client and user interaction that helps move closer to realizing ideas that create meaningful impact.


What I Love

What Inspires Me

Social changemakers, risk-takers, individuals who doggedly pursue their passions, seek to make a difference, and confront their fears head-on. Witnessing those that face challenges, obstacles, and setbacks keep pushing to achieve their goals and live the best life they can. Seeing humans displaying the resourcefulness, poise, and strength and to move forward in difficult circumstances while maintaining an optimistic outlook and empathy for others.


A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

Every time that I see how we apply our principles internally as seriously as we do externally for clients. This includes our active way expressing gratitude and how we focus our research methods inwards with great effect. Everyone’s input is taken seriously from collecting thoughts and needs for everything from re-imaging the office coffee experience, designing a firm-wide education curriculum of lessons learned, to periodically re-visiting the overall firm’s strategic priorities as we continue to evolve.