Jimmy Tran | Director

Jimmy has expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy, and systems integration and implementation. Before working at Peer Insight, he was a consultant for Accenture, leading federal sector client teams in the design, test and implementation stages of technology-based solutions. Additionally, Jimmy has co-founded two businesses; one product-based and one services-based. His combination of business acumen and entrepreneurial scrappiness allows him to holistically support new solution development inside organizations. He holds a BS in Accounting from Georgetown University.


What I Love


What Inspires Me

My family, friends, people who take risks, spoken word, memorable dining experiences, Etsy and Kickstarter projects.


A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

During my first month at Peer Insight, Jess and I had a brainstorming session at a nearby park. We sat under a tree with post-its and markers in hand, and attempted to stick them to a tree. It was a fun, productive brainstorming session and we learned something new: post-its cannot stick to trees.