Kasey Mitchell | Director

Kasey loves to turn skeptics into believers. Whether facilitating a prototyping workshop or using design thinking to connect with her clients, Kasey knows innovation requires keeping an open heart and mind when developing solutions with others, and most importantly, listening to their voices every step along the way. Before working at Peer Insight, Kasey launched an internal innovation team for a large national nonprofit, where she drove the strategic development and testing of new ideas in pursuit of creative solutions to end childhood hunger. From designing an online grants system for users who never used a computer before to co-creating a meal delivery service in rural America, Kasey has continuously refined her innovation toolkit by embracing the notion that you have to get your idea in front of users to test assumptions early and often. She has also designed and facilitated design thinking and prototyping workshops for the USDA, Feeding America and School Nutrition Association. Kasey holds a BA in Environmental Economics and Policy from Scripps College.


What I Love


What Inspires Me

People! My greatest lessons have come from the countless number of community members, parents and kids who shared their stories with me after I asked, “What do you want? What would work best for you?”  They taught me that when you listen to the people you are designing for, you create something that people can actually use. You end up with a solution that actually solves their problems and doesn’t just push their troubles and suffering down the road.


A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

I felt extremely lucky that my first day at PI was also my first research trip. I’ll never forget sitting in the back of the rental car in bumper to bumper traffic watching Kathi (safely) run around the back to shut the trunk that suddenly sprang open while we were driving to the airport. As she got back into the car, she said, “I promise that this is the first time something like that has ever happened.” And I thought, I sure hope it’s not the last time!