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Guiding Principles

We have assembled an inspiring group of people committed to helping businesses become more entrepreneurial to better serve their customers, employees, and communities. To keep us on the right path, we authored a set of Guiding Principles that reflects our values and serves as a compass for every decision, large or small.

Lead with Humility

We lead with thoughtful questions, knowing that even when we don’t have the answer, we have the confidence and discipline to find it. Through engaging our peers, clients, and the outside world, we discover new possibilities.

Be Radically Open

We set pure intentions and share them openly. Our transparency helps us navigate ambiguity by building and maintaining trust with our peers and clients.

Serve Others Generously

We serve others by always considering how we can use our resources and abilities to improve the experiences and outcomes of those around us.

Get Out There

We are wired to explore the unknown. We do this by framing up challenges in ways that encourage break-through thinking and improving our ideas by experimenting in the market early and often.

Do More with Less

We run affordable experiments to get further, faster. By considering if there is a scrappier approach that would still deliver meaningful outcomes, we make right-sized investments and gain the confidence we need to move forward.

Express Gratitude

We make time to notice and celerate what others do to make our success possible. Our practice of sharing gratitude sustains us.

Grow Every Day

We aspire to do big things in a world filled with huge unknowns. Our curiosity and grit allow us to accelerate growth within ourselves and others.

Build for Social Equity

We actively elevate and prioritize social equity in our teams and our work. Empathy is our tool for fostering inclusive behavior as we push back against systems of privilege and bias.