Get to Know Us

Who We Are

We’re designers. We’re dreamers. We’re thought leaders and business specialists. We scale mountains and paint frescoes. We come from different backgrounds but are united by the same goal: helping businesses become more entrepreneurial to better serve their customers, employees and communities. 

We are a strategic service innovation firm. We partner with visionary leaders to explore new services, new markets and new business models.

We believe in the power of user insight to ignite innovation within organizations. We believe everyone is an entrepreneur, a designer and a creative thinker. We delight in the opportunity to partner with our clients on this path of discovery.

How We Work

  • We are hard-wired for collaboration, believing in deep, transparent, collaborative partnering on innovation projects and enjoy rolling up our sleeves alongside our clients.
  • We move fast. We like to get out of meeting rooms and powerpoint decks and instead get into the market, placing small bets, in rapid succession through in-market experimentation.
  • We think about affordability, it keeps us honest, always asking, “What’s the scrappiest way to learn what we need to justify moving forward, or not?”
  • We are rigorous test designers, defining metrics early, redefining  them often, and tracking both confirming and disconfirming evidence throughout to enable rapid decision making.
  • We work across numerous industries, which allows us to bring learnings and insights from  analogous contexts to pair with your deep, specialized expertise.
  • We practice gratitude. Every day. We’ve found this practice  is essential for resilient entrepreneurs, and very often  contagious for our partners


Guiding Principles

We have assembled an inspiring group of people committed to this vision. To keep us on the right path, we authored a set of Guiding Principles that reflects our values and serves as a compass for every decision, large or small.

  1. Shape the near future
  2. Be radically open
  3. Serve others generously
  4. Unite design and business
  5. Honor small teams as the unit of creation
  6. Express gratitude
  7. Be financially self-sustaining

Meet Our Team

Innovation Strategy & Capacity Building

We build resilient innovation systems, strategies, and teams.

Opportunity Analysis

We identify strategic growth opportunities.

Experience Design

We create breakthrough experiences that people love.

Venture Acceleration

We enable ventures to get traction and scale in the market.

About Us

Peer Insight helps organizations ignite growth by uniting design, business, and entrepreneurship.


Find Us

Washington, D.C.
717 D Street NW
2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 506-3804

San Francisco
655 Montgomery Street
7th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
(336) 430-5403

Get in Touch

For project inquiries, contact Clay Maxwell or Tim Ogilvie

For media inquiries, contact Natalie Foley