Corporate Innovation Playbook

A tactical guide to design, launch & optimize an innovation team within a large company.

What makes your innovation teams successful

and what pitfalls can you avoid?

Download your Corporate Innovation Playbook to see stories and takeaways from over a dozen corporate leaders of Corporate Innovation Groups (CIGs). You’ll find an actionable set of strategies, hard-won learnings, checklists, and benchmarks that will enable you to assess where your team is today and where you can focus your efforts to ensure long-term success.


Forming your Corporate Innovation Group (CIG) requires a clearly-defined strategy, a funding mechanism, and an identity that sits relative to other parts of the organization. There’s no one-size-fits-all model for CIGs, but we offer the critical questions that every new group needs to ask themselves to tailor their strategy and structure to their company.


Getting your CIG up and running is just the beginning – now you have to run a project to pressure test your strategy and structure, while continuing to establish your group within the broader organization. We provide considerations for how you can kick-off your first project and begin to grow your portfolio of projects.


The CIG will reach a phase where it is running on all cylinders, but the work isn’t over. Looking for ways to learn and grow from your in-flight work and measure your performance against the right metrics are essential.


Iteration is a given, not only in your design and innovation projects, but also for the CIG as a whole. We give you strategies to be proactive in how you re-calibrate your group, and what you can do when you’re forced to react to external factors.