You’ve heard of yoga. Maybe you’ve even practiced yoga. What kind? There’s Hatha yoga, Shavasana, yoga, even hot yoga.

But have you done gallery walk yoga?

In our book Designing for Growth, Jeanne Liedtka and I make the case for using a “gallery walk” to help teams make sense of large amounts of disparate data. You take all your customer journey maps, user profiles, personas, value chains, the kitchen sink – whatever – and hang it on the walls of a room like an art gallery.

And that’s when you should try gallery walk yoga. It uses a simple sequence of three poses:

1.     Reflecting – looking at the data with your internal pattern-sensor running

2.     Insightkzzzztttt!  (that moment when a connection sparks)

3.     Authoring – write it down on a post-it!

Here’s what I looked like doing gallery walk yoga at a recent sense-making session in Atlanta:

Give it a try and drop me a note on how it worked for you. You can reach me at